Prescription of Schedule II Opiates

As you are likely aware, the prescribing of schedule II opiates (Percocet, Vicodin, Morphine, Fentanyl, etc.) has gained much attention over the past few years. The rules and guidelines regarding the prescription of these medications continue to change and become more restrictive in allowing us to provide narcotic medications to you and other chronic pain patients.

These new rules and guidelines are being imposed by the Colorado Medical Board, CDC (Center for Disease Control), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), pharmacies and pharmacists, and most insurance companies, including Medicare, Medicaid, and almost all commercial insurance companies.

As your providers specializing in Chronic Pain Management, we are being tasked with helping you manage your chronic pain, and we’ll continue to strive to provide this care in a humane and compassionate nature while we respond and respect the changes being imposed on us by regulatory agencies. We are committed to help you manage your pain as safely and as effectively as possible.

However, with the changes outlined by the governing agencies above regarding opiates for chronic pain management, the providers at Mile High Regenerative and Pain Therapies will have to include alternative methods, other than opiates alone, to help you manage your chronic pain.

We may ask you to reduce your total dose of opiates being prescribed to meet these new guidelines, and require other supplemental treatments including injection therapies, physical therapy and home exercise programs, nutrition and diet programs, regenerative medicine therapies, and other treatment options your provider may recommend for continuing care at Mile High Regenerative and Pain Therapies.

Effective immediately, all patients will have to be seen in the office for all Schedule II prescriptions. Mile High Regenerative and Pain Therapies will not be able to write any prescriptions without a face-to-face office visit. You will no longer be able to pick up prescriptions at the front desk, or during an appointment for an interventional pain procedure you are receiving. You may be required to be seen monthly, or every other month depending on the total dose of opiates you are prescribed.

Please understand this is being done to meet these new guidelines, and to be compliant with the changes we are required to make. Opiate prescriptions will only be filled at an office visit dedicated to this task to allow documentation of your clinical condition and the role opiates have in managing your pain, and what alternative treatment options are being utilized and your response to those therapies. Please be proactive and schedule your next appointment in advance so you do not run out of medications.

Mile High Regenerative and Pain Therapies is committed to working with you to develop a treatment plan to help you manage your chronic pain condition, and to minimize any disruption in managing your pain during this time of transition.

Robert E. Brown, MD


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